TRL6-7 Industrial Pilot Demonstrators (WP7)

Work package 7 focuses on the final industrial verification, validation and demonstration of the developed methods and plug-and-produce automation devices from work packages 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the three industrial pilot factories (SenseAir – Electrical, Ford – Automotive, and Electrolux – White Goods). The objective is to validate the technological readiness of the openMOS plug-and-produce approach to TRL7 and validate the different devices form WP5 within a real industrial context to TRL8. Clear measurable objectives will be set for the verification process as part of task 1.2 in WP1 together with the end user partners. Independent verification of the results will be carried out once the final TRL gate has been achieved (Task 1.5).

For this purpose three industrial demonstration and trial sites have been selected representing key industrial sectors in Europe and emphasising different complementary elements of the openMOS approach. Each of them will be championed by one of the three system integrator partners (ASYS – Electronics, Introsys – Automotive, Masmec – White Goods). The demonstration effort will follow a well-defined TRL review process with customer acceptance sign-off after each stage. All three will go through three key stages towards validation of the overall platform approach at TRL7:

  • Stage 1: Demonstration specification of hardware and software interface to actual production system.
  • Stage 2: Control hardware in the loop simulation (together with Task 6.3) and sign-off of openMOS system integration for each industrial demonstrator (TRL6 readiness together with technical validation results from WP6). Responsible production engineers from all three end user partners will have to certify that the system is meeting their requirements and is ready to be deployed in their factory for pre-production testing.
  • Stage 3: Implementation and testing of openMOS platform within the three production environments. The implementation will be driven by system integrators with long experience in the relevant three areas. Sign-off again will be done by production managers and engineers from the end user partners (TRL7).