Open Plug-and-Produce Manufacturing Service Bus (WP3)

This work package will devise the openMOS plug and produce architecture. Plug and produce is an information intensive process that requires from both the devices being plugged and the system a structured information exchange about the operational context and associated constraints. WP3 will therefore define the software aspects that are required to exploit the platforms developed in WP2 from a communication point of view. These include the data model for the information exchange as well as the definition of the sources and recipients of that information. In this respect the integration of standard product RFID based tracking technology is particularly important as a mean to extend the monitoring capabilities of the platform from the devices to the products and hence support the a constant and updated information flow on the system status. The results and prototypical implementations from the SelSus project will be used as a basis for further industrialisation. The Virtual Ford Knox cloud server will be the basis for data persistence and security protocols.

These models should be kept generic and open and should not make any assumptions on the algorithms developed in WP4 but rather act as facilitators of their distributed implementation. Thereby, the work package will cover the following key objectives:

  • Definition of reference architecture for plug and produce systems.
  • Implementation of an open plug and produce service bus.
  • Harmonisation and preparation of a standard semantic model for plug and produce information exchange.
  • Implementation of device monitoring framework and associated metrics
  • Integration of dynamic product and work order tracking protocols

WP3 works therefore as the integration backbone for the remaining WPs providing the reference models for information collection and exchange and structured/standardized communication.