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Afag Automation AG was founded in 1956 in Huttwil. The company name derives from the German words: Automatische Fertigung AG.

Afag Automation AG employs around 80 employees in Huttwil with sales of roughly 20 Mio CHF per year. Afag Automations AG is one of three companies within the Afag Group. Afag Group includes Afag GmbH (70 FTE) and eps GmbH (20 FTE) both located in Germany. Afag Group employs overall 170 employees with sales of 40 Mio CHF in 2014.

Afag Group is owned by Schaeff Group a family owned German industrial group. The Schaeff families have been active as entrepreneurs since 1596 and are headquartered in Schwäbisch Hall Germany. Part of Schaeff Group is also TBK GmbH an engineering company specialised in automation with approximately 20 FTE based in Welzheim near Stuttgart.

Afag offers a comprehensive portfolio of automation components. It is important to note that with the acquisition by the Schaeff Group Afag has completely withdrawn from the systems integration business and is therefore not anymore considered as an incumbent by its customers. Afag’s main customers are assembly systems integrators as well as large end users in the automotive, consumer goods and medical industry.

While Afag’s main markets are in Europe, it has a well-established distribution network so that large end-users can be supported worldwide. Afag’s unique position is based on two pillars. First, functionality and reliability. Thanks to the well-known quality of its components, Afag established over many decades a high level of trust with its customers and therefore enjoys high brand awareness. Second, Afag employees are perceived as experts in all three key areas of automation: handling, feeding and transport.

Afag experts not only provide industrial and reliable solutions in these domains but they also understand the relationship between these areas and the challenges of the systems integrators face. With this unique position Afag has become the premium partner for system integrators as well as for large end users.

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