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Published on 29th January 2019

Open Dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components


The main idea of the openMOS project is to develop a common, openly accessible plug-and-produce (P&P) system platform which allows all stakeholders in the automation system value chain to collaboratively develop and exploit solutions. To achieve this, openMOS integrates new P&P system concepts which have emerged in recent years, with well-established industrial-relevant technology platforms.

Latest News

6th IEEE International Conference of Industrial Informatics 2018 (INDIN 2018) (Porto, Portugal; Wed 18th - Fri 20th July, 2018) 
The openMOS consortium hosted the Special Session "Towards Dynamic Manufacturing System through the Plug-and-Produce Paradigm" at INDIN2018. This session included three papers from our project partners fortiss, HSSMI and Loughborough University and an additional two papers fitting nicely under the umbrella of the session's topic. 

Automatica (Munich, Germany; Tue 19th - Fri 22nd June, 2018) 
The openMOS team was present at last year's Automatica (Munich, Germany) showcasing the concepts and current results of the openMOS project integrated into the VDMA demonstrator.

White Paper – openMOS Development Platform for Plug & Produce Automation Components

The Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components (openMOS) project targets the modern production systems that are currently transforming from mass production towards mass customisation demanding agile solutions to support a running system during its build, ramp-up, production, and reconfiguration phases. 

The vision of the openMOS is targeted at maximising the economic sustainability of production systems by following three main innovation strands: (1) enabling Plug-and-Produce capabilities for automation equipment, robots and machines, (2) aiding horizontal and vertical communication between all hardware and software entities, and (3) creating a manufacturing operating system that is easily extendable and adaptable towards the introduction of new products, work orders and equipment modules, which envisages easy deployment, optimisation and changeover management strategies.

SenseAir: Flexible Sensor Assembly System

OpenMOS provides a platform for SenseAir to explore the advantages of the future manufacturing paradigms for its products’ assembly. The aim of the demonstrator to be built for SenseAir’s production line is to exploit some of the results of the openMOS project in an operational industrial environment for achieving TRL7. 

SenseAir AB, located in Delsbo Sweden, is known for its world leading NDIR technology for gas sensing and its state-of-the-art contact-less alcohol sensing solutions. During the past couple of years, there has been a major shift in the company’s strategy for scaling up production from lower volumes, customer specific sensors towards high volume automotive products. This major transition is also accompanied by moving up in the value chain from being core sensor provider to providing high-end final products and applications. 

Currently, most of the assembly work done at SenseAir is manual and semi-automatic. However, the assembly for the automotive industry requires standardized and automated processes capable of delivering high volumes. Moving towards traditional automation solutions makes it too costly and non-viable for an SME like SenseAir. The flexible, robust and adaptable solutions provided by the ‘plug and produce’ approach can result in helping the SME to invest in right directions and be prepared for the next industrial revolution.

Demonstrator Videos

Have a look at the links below to find out more about the industrial demonstrators:

Latest Publications

Anandan, P, Ferreira, P, Dorofeev, K, Lohse, N (2018) An Event-Based AutomationML Model for the Process Execution of ‘Plug-and-Produce’ Assembly Systems IEEE 16th International Conference of Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2018), Porto, Portugal, 18-20 July. 

Dorofeev, K, Zoitl, A (2018) Skill-based Engineering Approach using OPC UA Programs IEEE 16th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2018), Porto, Portugal, 18-20 July. 

Ladosz, P, Banjo, O, Guido, S D, Zalasiewicz, M (2018) A Genetic Algorithm Optimiser For Dynamic Product Routing In Agile Manufacturing EnvironmentIEEE 16th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN 2018), Porto, Portugal, 18-20 July. 

Ferreira, P, Dorofeev, K, Cheng, C, Guedes, M, Profanter, S, Zoitl, A (2018) Device Adapter Concept towards Enabling Plug&Produce Production Environments IEEE 22nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation, Limassol, Cyprus, 12-15 September. 

Miranda, F, Martins, R, Dorofeev, K, Gentile, V, Ferreira, P, Guedes, M (2018) Towards a Common Manufacturing Service Bus to Enable Flexible Plug-and-Produce Automation 50th International Symposium on Robotics (ISR 2018), Munich, Germany, 20-21 June. 

Rahatulain, A, Onori, M (2018) Viewpoints and views for the architecture description of cyber-physical manufacturing systems. Procedia CIRP , Volume 72, 2018, Pages 450-455.


M40 Consortium Meeting (Bari, Italy; Tue 29th - Thu 31st January, 2019) 

5th International Summer School on Industrial Agents & Cyber-Physical Systems (Planned 1-5 July, 2019) 

Open Access Journal - The openMos Agent Cloud Concept: Lessons learned and future research directions (Planned 2019) 

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Coordinator: Raquel Caldeira 
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