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Published on 30th November 2016

Open Dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components


The OpenMOS consortium was established in 2015 and is developing a common, openly accessible plug-and-produce (P&P) system which allows all stakeholders in the automation system value chain to come together and jointly develop and exploit solutions. Our Plug & Produce solution allows quick and efficient integration of machines and automation systems within production environments. This is a prerequisite for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions. Our vision is to help companies manufacture faster, at a consistently higher quality and lower cost, in an agile environment in partnership with industry and academia.

Necessity for the openMOS Project for European SMEs

The Project openMOS represents an opportunity of high importance for European SMEs, such as Introsys, that operates in the manufacturing industry. How? As an integrator company of assembly lines for the automotive industry, Introsys faces, on a daily basis, great engineering challenges due its extreme requirements. Therefore, this project intends to apply new methodologies to different manufacturing industries to make the production lines more flexible, reducing costs of automation projects, increasing speed of integration and reinforcing the overall efficiency of equipment. As the coordinating entity of the openMOS project, Introsys has contact with cutting-edge paradigms design for the future of production processes, which allows it to obtain competitive advantages in relation to its competitors. Within the framework of this project, it will also be possible to guarantee the transfer of knowledge from academic institutions and research institutes to industrial partners placed on different positions of the value chain. The project puts together, in a joint effort to achieve a common goal, equipment suppliers, integrators and product suppliers from three different areas: automotive, sensors and household appliances.

Recent Activities

HSSMI’s Leadership Forum (ArcelorMittal Orbit, London (UK); November 2015) 
The subject of the Leadership Forum was ‘Manufacturing, the next five years; technology, knowledge building and political support; what is needed? How it is best delivered?’ and the topic was discussed on a panel with the following keynote speakers: Margaret Wood MBE ‐ Chairman, ICW (UK) Ltd; Professor Robert Allison ‐ Vice Chancellor and President, Loughborough University; Brian Holliday ‐ Managing Director, Siemens Digital Factory; Peter Domeney - Manufacturing Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover. As part of the agenda, PGR Melanie Zimmer prepared a poster outlining her research, which is part of the openMOS project. Her PhD is funded by HSSMI Ltd and supervised by Loughborough University. 

2nd International Summer School on Intelligent Agents in Automation (ISSIAA2016) (Linköping (Sweden); 23rd March, 2016) 
This event is designed to provide advanced training for PhD students and practitioners on the advanced automation technologies that will be the basis for Industry 4.0. In this line, the theme for this edition of the Summer School is “The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Industrial Internet of Things” aiming to promote the discussion on how design, develop and implement the next generation of intelligent production system based on their cyber-physical formulation. 

Introduction the Agent-based Programming Workshop (May 2016) 
Two full day remote sessions on 17th and 18th of May followed by two full days face-to-face event on the 30th and 31st of May 2016. 

ERF2016 / Collaboration in Industry 4.0: Human, Robot and Flexible Processes (Ljubliana (Slovenia); 9-17th June, 2016) 
Presentation of the project and its expected outcome within the ERF2016 event with the purpose to establish new contacts as potential clients as well as future collaborators for further R&D activities. Established contacts with several companies. 

M12 Consortium and WP7 Kick-off Meetings (Electrolux Plant, Pordenone (Italy); 15-16th November, 2016) 
Project activities follow-up after the first project year and presentation of the selected demonstrator and objectives within the WP7 kick-off.


Project Consortium

Coordinator Details

Coordinator: Raquel Caldeira 
Contact: [email protected]

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